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Travelling around the world through singing & movement 

The workshop “Travelling around the world through singing & movement” invites us to travel to distant lands guided by our voice and body. The first part of the workshop offers an in-depth exploration of the relationship between breath, singing and movement with the aim to liberate the voice from unnecessary tension, physical and emotional blockages. We experience resonance and sound vibrations through the dynamic interplay between voice and flow of movement. In this safe space created we embrace both our strength and vulnerability with the aim to establish a profound connection between mind, body and spirit as an alternative way of healing.

At the second part of the workshop we are going to introduce the creative practice of  “circle singing” exploring improvisation through the use of voice and any other sounds that can be produced by our bodies. In this collective game there is no right or wrong. The only requirement is an open mind and curiosity. Through this practice we are going to deepen our connection with ourselves and the other group members, develop a deep sense of active listening and expand our imagination. One of the group members starts by introducing a melody or/and rhythmic idea in a loop and the rest of us gradually enter in response to what we hear. In this way we create songs and soundscapes in the moment, celebrating the healing power of collective sound and tapping into our innate creativity. 

Having experienced the power of collective creativity, we will learn folk songs from different parts of Latin America, Greece and North America (work songs - precursor of blues). We will explore how the quotidian life of simple people as well as the natural landscape surrounding them are reflected in the music and lyrics.  We will examine the various functions of songs in rural communities, such as offering comfort during physical labour, creating a sense of interconnectedness between co-workers and forming part of children’s games, lullabies, ceremonies and more. We will further explore the combination of song and movement as a healing force and means to connect with nature. The ultimate aim is to experience the elements that make each culture unique and what unites us all, celebrating unity in cultural diversity. 

The workshop is open to everyone, designed and adjusted for any level, experience and age. No need to speak any of the foreign languages used in the workshop repertoire. 

My story

My purpose and responsibility as an artist started to change when I had to face one of the hardest times of my life. I have been dealing with long covid symptoms for more than a year now, which affected my job, my ability to breathe and my overall health. During this difficult time, I started to document my journey from pain, avoidance behaviour and debilitation to finding strength, light and purpose.

The biggest step towards healing happened when I gradually moved from stagnation and hopelessness to finding hope and purpose, embracing and working through ‘imperfection’, as well as realising and truly appreciating the power of the arts to heal, comfort and provoke change. I started to gradually incorporate my cross-disciplinary methods developed through my own personal healing into my private teaching and community work (special needs schools, care-homes) and noticed the huge impact it had on my students/patients. It started to develop into an alternative way of therapy. People’s engagement and enthusiasm grew and every lesson/meeting became a safety haven for them. A new sense of purpose grew in my teaching as well as a newly found need and inspiration. This journey made me come into contact with my strength as a woman, as a creator, as an interpreter of stories, as a vehicle of emotions and as a community music facilitator.

I therefore dedicated myself to creating workshops focused on mindfulness and embodiment through singing, breathing and movement with the aim to establish a better connection between mind, body and spirit, unmask suppressed emotions, release tension and explore the strength of music made as a community in the form of “circle singing”. As a development of the workshop “Embodiment through singing & movement” I also offer opportunities to lear songs from different parts of the world, travel through music to distant lands and experience what distinguishes one another and what connects us all. From my experience true healing can only start to happen when we accept imperfection, embrace vulnerability and seek to find inspiration and opportunities of connection. 

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London fees & further info


The workshops are structured to be two hours in duration. Flexible payment options are offered to accommodate your preferences:

  • Single Workshop: £35

  • Two Workshops: £65 (£32.50 each)

  • Complete 8 Sessions: £240 (£30 each)


Participants have the flexibility to join any number of workshops, ranging from a single session to the entire series of 8. While each workshop is designed as a self-contained unit, allowing participants to attend them in any order, we encourage attendance across multiple sessions to maximize the learning experience.

In the event of fewer than 6 participants, the workshop will regrettably be canceled, with notification provided no later than one week prior to the scheduled session. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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