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Online Jazz Vocal Workshop

Rhythmic and melodic language on jazz standards and common jazz progressions

4 x 1h sessions for only £50

This workshop is for intermediate/advanced level singers of any musical style and training.

The jazz vocal workshop has three main purposes. Firstly, through the study of two jazz standard songs you will be taught the unique characteristics of jazz singing. Secondly, the workshop will help you develop an understanding of 2-5-1 progressions - one of the most commonly used chords progressions in jazz. Lastly, you will learn how to improvise on the above chord sequence using the appropriate tools and licks. 


  • Singing jazz standards 

  • Jazz vocal technique and delivery, including use of vocal inflections, dynamics, articulation, and interpretation

  • All about 2-5-1 progressions

  • Licks, guide tones and other tools for creating your own improvisation on a 2-5-1 sequence

  • How to be more creative with rhythm, melody and phrasing

  • Apply above concepts to the jazz songs chosen for this workshop and experiment with various tempos and grooves, including ballads, medium swing, fast swing, and bossa nova

  • The idea of active listening 


The study of the two jazz standard songs "Autumn Leaves" and "Satin Doll"

Upon your registration a welcoming email will follow with links to the songs and sheet music. 


  • No prior knowledge of jazz is required

  • Ideal for intermediate/advanced singers of any style

  • Zoom application. Click here to download zoom for free 

  • Headphones (if possible)

  • Know the tune of the workshop songs chosen. No deep knowledge of songs is required

"One of the most enthralling elements of jazz music is the fact that the musician/singer takes action and makes decisions in the moment, in real-time, based on how he/she chooses to respond to the ideas and playing of the other players on stage. During this ‘active listening’ the musician listens out for the nuances, articulation, feel, dynamics and energy and tries to communicate on that same level with the other musician. The wonder of jazz lies in its improvisational nature, in its rich tapestry of sound colours, its complex and yet effortless rhythms and its particular feel and groove." - Andria Antoniou


£50 (British pound) in total for 4 one-hour sessions 


First five to complete their registration will get an additional 30-minute private session with Andria for FREE

* Each participant will receive pdf handouts and mp3 supporting practice tracks. 



Saturdays at 15.00-16.00 Uk time 

27.2.21 | 6.3.21 | 13.3.21 | 20.3.21

What do previous participants say?

Dear Andria

Thank you so much for what was a fantastic introduction to Jazz Vocals in your 4 part online workshop. I have been singing jazz for years but, as a classically trained singer and singing teacher, wanted input on jazz technique and to dip my toe into the exciting world of improvisation and scat singing! Your course was superb. Your teaching style, gentle, warm and encouraging, your lessons fantastically planned and prepared. I learned so much! I truly loved the course and look forward to the next installment in February. Many thanks, Jennifer - www.jennifermaslin.co.uk

Andria's workshop was truly a journey into the jazz and improvisation world. Throughout the workshop, there was a sense of structure and progress in each session and the various vocal techniques that we explored were always thoroughly explained. Her approach was very accessible and yet there was always something to learn and a challenge to work on! Overall a wonderful learning experience! - Ana Lima, piano and violin teacher

“For me, jazz is an approach to music, a way of listening and interacting with musicians and a ticket to explore and develop one’s personal sound.” Andria Antoniou