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Online Jazz Vocal Workshop

How to sing and improvise on jazz standards that are based on Rhythm Changes and Bebop style

3 x 1.5h sessions for only £55

This workshop is for intermediate/advanced level singers of any musical style and training.

It focuses on the study of jazz songs (“heads”) and famous solos based on one of the most common jazz chord progressions called “rhythm changes''. Through the study of rhythm changes progressions and songs as well as the decoding of famous vocal jazz solos, you are going to develop an understanding of this chord progression, expand your repertoire and learn how to improvise in this style (scat singing) using the appropriate vocal tone, melodic and rhythmic tools. Additionally, each week we are going to introduce jazz vocal exercises, ear training and rhythmic exercises to enhance your understanding of “jazz language”. 


  • The study of the jazz standard song "Honeysuckle Rose" and bebop singing style

  • Understanding "rhythm changes" and learning how to do a scat improvisation over this progression

  • Jazz vocal technique and delivery, including use of vocal inflections, dynamics, articulation, and interpretation

  • All about transcribing or learning scat solos by ear through the study of one of Charlie Parker's famous solos

  • Tools and exercises to become more creative with rhythm, melody and phrasing

  • Jazz tone: examples and exercises 

  • The idea of active listening 


  • No prior knowledge of jazz is required

  • Ideal for intermediate/advanced singers of any style

  • Zoom application. Click here to download zoom for free 

  • Headphones (if possible)

  • Know the tune of the workshop songs chosen. No deep knowledge of songs is required

"One of the most enthralling elements of jazz music is the fact that the musician/singer takes action and makes decisions in the moment, in real-time, based on how he/she chooses to respond to the ideas and playing of the other players on stage. During this ‘active listening’ the musician listens out for the nuances, articulation, feel, dynamics and energy and tries to communicate on that same level with the other musician. The wonder of jazz lies in its improvisational nature, in its rich tapestry of sound colours, its complex and yet effortless rhythms and its particular feel and groove." - Andria Antoniou


£55 (British pound)


Special offer (optional): Following the completion of the workshop Andria offers a 50% discount for a one-hour private lesson where you can have a further personalised study of your newly acquired jazz skills and repertoire. Option available upon registration

* Each participant will receive pdf handouts and mp3 supporting practice tracks. 



Saturdays at 15.00-16.30 UK time 

22.5.21 | 29.5.21 | 6.6.21 

What do previous participants say?

Dear Andria

Thank you so much for what was a fantastic introduction to Jazz Vocals in your 4 part online workshop. I have been singing jazz for years but, as a classically trained singer and singing teacher, wanted input on jazz technique and to dip my toe into the exciting world of improvisation and scat singing! Your course was superb. Your teaching style, gentle, warm and encouraging, your lessons fantastically planned and prepared. I learned so much! I truly loved the course and look forward to the next installment in February. Many thanks, Jennifer -

Andria's workshop was truly a journey into the jazz and improvisation world. Throughout the workshop, there was a sense of structure and progress in each session and the various vocal techniques that we explored were always thoroughly explained. Her approach was very accessible and yet there was always something to learn and a challenge to work on! Overall a wonderful learning experience! - Ana Lima, piano and violin teacher

Andria is an extremely skilled vocalist and teacher, with a deep understanding and knowledge of jazz and latin repertoire. I learned a lot of new 'tricks' and tools for approaching improvisation in her short course. It was a great taster and packed with useful information. I can totally recommend Andria to anybody new to jazz vocal rep, and to more experienced singers who are looking for some fresh ideas and input. Wonderful!- Cathryn Robson, singing and voice specialist

Andria is a wonderful teacher who creates a welcoming, safe space for singers to explore and extend their comfort zones. Andria is very encouraging and supportive; she is able to explain new concepts very clearly, and how to practice and develop them within a jazz structure in an authentic and accessible way. 

I highly recommend the workshops and one-to-one tuition to anyone at any level. - Jan Jinkerson, singing teacher

“For me, jazz is an approach to music, a way of listening and interacting with musicians and a ticket to explore and develop one’s personal sound.” Andria Antoniou

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