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Online Jazz Vocal Workshop
How to sing and improvise on jazz standards that are based on Rhythm Changes and Bebop style







UK time

Jazz & world music vocalist, Andria Antoniou, is leading an online jazz workshop for three consecutive Saturdays, starting on Saturday the 22nd of May. 


This workshop is for intermediate/advanced level singers of any musical style and training.

This workshop focuses on the study of jazz songs (“heads”) and famous solos based on one of the most common jazz chord progressions called “rhythm changes''. Through the study of rhythm changes progressions and songs as well as the decoding of famous vocal jazz solos, you are going to develop an understanding of this chord progression, expand your repertoire and learn how to improvise in this style (scat singing) using the appropriate vocal tone, melodic and rhythmic tools. Additionally, each week we are going to introduce jazz vocal exercises, ear training and rhythmic exercises to enhance your understanding of “jazz language”. 

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