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Online singing lessons


1 hour | £60

Following the new reality of the pandemic, I believe that online lessons have come to stay.

Although there are some limitations when it comes to teaching online, we had to find ways to make it work as efficiently as possible during this time. Not only we made it work but I have also witnessed some benefits of teaching online such as:

  •  Improved musical ear: when teaching online we cannot have sound coming from both sides (student and teacher) at the same time. This means that the student learns to be more independent and in control of his melody without always relying on me playing the melody of the exercise or song

  • Up close: 'Mirror-work' e.g mirroring the teacher's mouth shape can often be agonising and intimidating for the student. With online lessons that didn't seem to happen and students get the added benefit of observing themselves through their picture on zoom. I am also able to observe your mouth and overall technique more intensely

  • Consistency and no travelling: The option of online lessons has led to flexibility, for both teacher and student, and therefore a new level of consistency. I have really noticed a rise in focus in my students, which in return has led to us being able to reach our goals together at a faster pace. 

  • Comfort and safety of your own home: Most of my students have been thriving due to feeling more relaxed and comfortable in their own space

  • Recorded Video: My students love the option they have on zoom to video record the entire lesson. They can use that recording to revise, make notes and get a more objective picture of what they are doing whilst singing. They also have the opportunity to go over the technical exercises again in their own time

  • Working with backing tracks: As part of my preparation for online teaching, I had to pre-record backing tracks for my students which not only made the lessons efficient and fun but also provided a track to further practice their song during their own practice

What you'll need for our online lessons:

  • Zoom application downloaded on a laptop. Click here to download

  • second device (phone/iPad/second laptop) to play the backing tracks from

  • a speaker to connect to second device

  • a pair of headphones to connect to laptop

  • good internet connection (either close to modem or plug directly into wifi router)

Check Singing lessons for more info

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