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1-2-1 Singing Lessons

Online / In-person (London)


60 minutes | £65 

75 minutes | £75

90 minutes |£90

Are you looking at establishing a better connection with your voice, strengthen and liberate it in order to build confidence in your vocal expression and develop your  unique vocal sound?

Some of the points that we focus on during private singing tuition are: 

  • Breathing technique and mindfulness in singing

  • Postural alignment 

  • Vocal support

  • Activation of vocal resonance 

  • Extending vocal range

  • Experimenting with tone and vocal qualities

  • Tension release

  • Become more expressive, creative and imaginative with your song interpretation

  • Improving pitch control and musical ear

  • Vocal health

  • How to build up an efficient practice routine


Other supporting skills based on the musical style chosen:

  • Microphone technique

  • Music theory

  • Aural skills

  • Band leading skills

  • Basic piano accompaniment skills

  • Jazz phrasing

  • Harmony: jazz and pop

  • Vocal improvisation: scat, free impro, improvisation with lyrics

  • Singing in different languages: English, Greek, Spanish, Swedish, Br. Portuguese

"The only thing better than singing is more singing." - Ella Fitzgerald

"Enthusiastic. Motivator. Honest. I started taking Voice last November 2015, and from then on Andria and I have got along so well. I love working with her. Every class she pushes me to give my 100%, and that's what I needed. She helped me to believe more in myself and to make me aware what my real skills in singing were. I am so glad to have found her as teacher. For sure I am in good and safe hands." Dario G. 

A note from Andria

Throughout my training and career as a singer and vocal coach, I have been fascinated by this incredible instrument that we all carry inside us - the voice.

The voice is an instrument we cannot see or touch. We start getting to know this mysteriously beautiful instrument by learning how to tune in to our body sensations and our breath. Although teaching singing by using metaphors and visual imagery for all body sensations and techniques is necessary for a singer's training, I believe that it can only lead to a complete and profound knowledge and control of our voices if combined with a basic understanding of its physiology.

My methods and techniques aim to make the often complex scientific explanations on voice function and anatomy simple and approachable while always putting them into practice through exercises. 

Singing ought to be a natural, effortless, fun and rewarding activity to engage in. In order to let singing set you free, a fundamental good technique and understanding of your voice is vital. Only then singing will become an optimal vehicle for self-expression.

Together we are going to meet your personal desires and needs while working with the uniqueness of your voice. Each singer carries his or her own physical characteristics which I will identify, respect and work with them. Each singer also learns in different ways. Therefore a tailored-made strategy and plan is essential.  

I have worked within a range of musical styles and taught students of different levels - from total beginners to professionals. I have successfully prepared my students for the Associate Board of the Royal School of music exams, Rockschool music exams, and LCM musical theatre exams. I have also successfully coached singers for upcoming performances and auditions, such as BRIT school auditions, Italia Conti Academy and Phantom of the Opera.

I view singing and its training as a means towards self knowledge. I am looking forward to helping you set your voice free, build your craft  and musicality so that you can express yourself clearly. 

All the best,


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