Zoom Vocal Workout

Zoom vocal workout is a live guided practice through Zoom for all Voice Hub singing students. 


The idea was born from a view that a singer will find his/her true potential with regular practice. 


The aim is to strengthen your voice, gradually take ownership of your instrument and develop a structured and focused practice routine.


Sessions run on

  • Thursdays 16.40-17.00 for Beginners

  • Thursdays 17.10-17.30 for Grade 1-3

  • Saturdays 17.10-17.40 for Grade 6-8+ 

What you need to know

  • All sessions can be recorded through zoom and used as a practice reference for the whole week

  • Sessions are paid on a monthly basis and in advance. November’s sessions are FREE for all current students as a welcoming gift. From then onwards the fee is only £10.00 per month

  • These Sessions will all be delivered live and participants can attend all or as many sessions as they can. The fee is fixed no matter how many sessions you attend

  • All sessions are an additional online resource, not a substitute for your existing music education. 


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Having taught and coached singers on a 121 basis for years, I come to realise more and more that my role as a vocal coach is not only to teach you how to sing correctly during our lesson, but also to find a way to make you want to experiment and train your voice in your own time, at home and as regularly as possible. Passing that on is not as easy as it sounds, especially if the singer is a young child that just wants to play or an overcommitted adult with an overwhelming daily schedule. 


Becoming a better singer requires most of all consistency. This is especially true for the voice as it is a muscle and as any muscle in our body it needs strengthening exercises and stretching to stay flexible and strong. 


My motto has always been “quality over quantity.” Understanding the importance of constant improvement as opposed to searching for quick results with low quality is essential. Enjoying the journey of learning how to sing and making singing part of our lives and routine is what I am aiming to communicate to my students. 


Consistency establishes a routine that serves a purpose; in this case, to learn to sing correctly and with freedom. 


Consistent practice will help you:

  • retain information that you have learned during your lessons

  • develop muscle memory

  • strengthen and stretch your voice

  • enjoy it more when you realise you are getting better at it 


With our Vocal workout group my goal is to gradually build the good habit of consistent practice, give you guidance for each exercise so you have a specific technical focus, share this experience with others so that in a way you commit to one another and most of all have fun! It is true especially for beginner singers, that practicing alone can be hard and can feel nearly impossible without guidance. However, the more you take ownership of your instrument, the more you are going to develop a know how for your own practice while at the same time our lessons will be optimised.

“Engaging in self-awareness practices, such as voice training, is one of the things which never fails to give back to you.” - Andria 

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