Release date: 13/10/2019

Our debut album Encuentro is an expression of the power of encounter between artists and musical cultures. It is inspired by the themes of displacement, nostalgia, loneliness, the utopian experience of love and the power of women to resist and seek for freedom.

Digital album


Physical CD


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"Their new CD Encuentro leaves the impression of a beautiful musical experience infused with nostalgia and the lingering notes of a hauntingly smooth song." - Sarah Fenwick, cyprusnewsreport.com


Release date: 06/09/2019

“La negra” tells the story of a black woman constantly hiding and filled with unspoken desires, who finally reveals herself screaming out for her freedom.


Release date: 20/09/2019

Tango notturno is a cover version of the 1937 tango song originally written by the composer Hans-Otto Borgmann for a German film under the same name. 
It is a romantic song about the inexplicable joy that one feels when falling in love. When life used to bring only intoxicated and ephemeral love, real love comes to enslave and overwhelm. Lost in the song of a nocturnal tango that entwines two hearts for life.


Release date: 04/10/2019

City of Light is an original jazz-pop song with music by the Argentinian composer Roman Gomez and performed by the singer Andria Antoniou. The song appears on their debut latin-jazz album “Encuentro” and features the bandoneon, a distinctive Argentinian instrument with a sensual and sombre sound, often called the symbol of tango. The sweet, soft tone of the voice and piano lend the song a dreamlike quality. With lyrics by the English writer Julia Gray, City of Light is a song about nostalgia: memories of a city were two people met and fell in love, sharing secrets at sunset, walking by the river; a city of light and sound and magic.



Named Runner-up Album of the Year in the 2019 UK Latin Awards and recorded at EGREM studios in Havana (where the legendary Buena Vista Social Club recorded their albums), Havana Classic is Classico Latino's life-affirming encounter with one of the planet’s most remarkable musical cultures, sampling Afro-Hispanic changüi, romantic compositions by ‘Cuban Gershwin’ Ernesto Lecuona, and the all-conquering carnival of legendary salsa queen Celia Cruz

AVARTAN (2018)

During first week of release the album reached the second place on world music charts on i-tunes


Track 01 - Sa me Amala - Andria Antoniou, vocals  


Band members: James Garner, Alok Verma and Rekesh Chauhan. Special guest: Andria Antoniou


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