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13.9.2020 - Interview with the The Reporter 

3.8.2020 - Interview with Kathimerini

22.6.2020 - Interview with the File Style London  

27.5.2020 - Andria & Roman personal interview 

22.5.2020 - Featuring "La Negra" video clip release

4.10.2019 - Lukas award 2019

26.10.2019 - A minute with Andria Antoniou 

18.11.2019 - Interview about the making of "Encuentro"

21.2.2019 - Interview about pre-release "Encuentro" show in Athens 


Video Interview 


"Andria’s clear, pure and sweet toned voice can soothe the most troubled heart."

- Sarah Fenwick, CNR

"Andria Antoniou's performance at Sarah's Jazz Club was polished, elegant and feminine. Her rounded tone and sensitive delivery of jazz and Latin jazz transformed the songs into the quality contemporary feel so needed to keep bringing jazz into modern relevance. Andria connects with the audience at a loving level, each note is sung with tenderness and yet she has a dynamic range that can also move into the powerful when needed. An accomplished performer and artist.​"

- Sarah Fenwick, owner of Sarah's Jazz Club

"The first time I saw Andria Antoniou on stage, I was in awe. Emerging powerfully and yet delicately form a unsuspecting setting, her silk-like voice embraced us all in the small and intimate venue, making it an unforgettable experience – it felt like being inside a sensual musical bubble, if you can ever picture one."

- Sandra Porto, journalist and editor at File Style London

"This is one singer who needs no sound effects to sound absolutely stunning."

- Sarah Fenwick, CNR

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