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Andria Antoniou & Roman Gomez is a London based duet, breaking new ground with their unique blend of Argentinian tango and Latin American folklore entangled with jazz.

At the heart of this collaboration is the vehemence and creativity that springs from improvised jazz. The duet’s music is sensitive, full of passion, and energy while the melodies are lyrical and ethereal accompanied by fiery rhythms. The performers’ style draws upon impressionistic elements, creating evocative imagery through the explorative use of “colour” in harmonic usage, texture and timbre. 

Their debut album “Encuentro” is a collection of 7 songs about displacement and nostalgia, loneliness, the utopian experience of love and the power of women to resist and seek for freedom. The album counts with the lyrical contribution of Mario Bakuna, Claudia Salomone and Julia Gray bringing together a creative team from different parts of the world. The cultural amalgamation experienced throughout the creation of this album sets an example especially at our current times of how different cultures can coexist peacefully while new ideas can be generated through collaboration. The album is an expression of the power of encounter between artists and musical cultures.

Debut album released on October 13th 2019. 


  • New video clip release. Watch here

  • The duet Andria Antoniou & Roman Gomez has recently won the second place at the Lukas 2019 awards - Europe's answer to the Latin Grammys

  • Upcoming performances: 23.11.21 Rome | 24.11.21 Spoleto. See "events" for more details

 "Their new CD Encuentro leaves the impression of a beautiful musical experience infused with nostalgia and the lingering notes of a hauntingly smooth song." - Sarah Fenwick,



Greece has always been captivated by the exoticism of South America. From the 1940s onwards so many Greek songs are coloured and driven by the rhythms and sounds of Brazil, Cuba, Argentina and the other beautiful countries of this continent. Babesa Cubana takes Greek songs and “gives them back" to their Latin roots. Fronted by Latin jazz singer Andria Antoniou (aka Andria), a group of musicians from Greece and South America bring their fresh takes on classic Greek songs coloured with the infectious rhythms of Latin America and the depth and passion of Greek language. 

Line up:


Andria Antoniou (Cyprus) - voice

Pavlos Carvalho (Brazil/Greece) - bouzouki/cello

Kostas Kopanaris (Greece) - percussion

George Stamatis (Greece) - guitar 

Jimmy Hernandez (Cuba) / Adolfredo Pulido (Venezuela) - double bass

  • Classico Latino - Latin music group, a mix of classical style with Latin American rhythms and melodies. Andria appeared as a guest at their latest album "Havana Classic", recorded in Cuba, summer 2018. Listen to album here

  • Rebetiki Serenata - Acoustic evening dedicated to the sounds of 1930s to 1950s Greek Rebetiko Music. More info here

  • Megla - rebetiko music dedicated to Greece interwar period. More info here