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I have loved music since I was 5 years old. Throughout the years of my training I have spent countless hours alone practicing my singing and piano and many hours having 1-2-1 lessons. This time spent alone with just yourself or your teacher and your instrument is crucial for your technical and artistic development. However, each time I experienced a mass-collective musical experience through band work, workshop or masterclass my enjoyment and commitment to music has deepened and developed even further. 


With Voice Hub Workshops my mission is to provide a safe and encouraging environment where you can find your most authentic voice while benefit from creative group work, polyphonic and harmony training, performing in front of an audience and developing band leading and communication skills. 


I am striving to teach and guide my students in a way that they can experience a sense of limitlessness and freedom through the power of music, creativity and group dynamic. You just need to keep an open mind, a will to act and be present in the safe and flexible environment that the workshops aim to provide.


Voice Hub offers a number of workshops based on different themes, levels, experience and music styles. They are designed in a way that the voice is approached in a holistic way, from the science behind it to the stylistic and technical skills required for a specific genre of music.


I wanted to make sure that there is a workshop for everyone so that not only the total beginner would feel at home to start this new journey, but also the professional singer would find the space to further develop his or her craft . My sole intention is to create a welcoming, exciting and inspiring environment which would facilitate growth. 

Online Jazz Vocal Workshop - Part 1

From Jazz to Bossa nova








Want to learn to sing jazz? Improvise? Perform with a band? Sing with more freedom and creativity? 


The workshop will be held on zoom and will run for four weeks on Saturday afternoons, starting from the 22nd of November 2020. Each session will be one hour long.


This workshop is for intermediate/advanced level singers of any musical style and training. It is designed to teach you the unique characteristics of jazz singing and how you can apply these characteristics to create your own sound on your chosen genre.


Part II will take place in January at a London venue

Leading to participants' showcase on 16.04.2020 at a London venue

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Mapping the world with sound

February 2020 

Musical styles: world music, folk songs from Latin America and Greece

Open to all levels 

No prior knowledge of these styles or Spanish/Greek language is needed


Description coming soon

Vocal Workshop Series

World Voice Day Celebratory Event 



London venue


On this special day, the 16th of April, the world is celebrating the realm and the power of human voice. Voice Hub will be celebrating this day with special performances from teachers and students as well as open workshops and seminars. More info to be announced soon.




  • Singing, movement and mindfulness - open to everyone

  • All about the voice: the fundamentals of singing and vocal health - open to everyone

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